My Italian Adventure

Its a hard life being an International Wedding Cinematographer.
adj table flowers

Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and the historic city of Verona to the “Romeo and Juliet” balcony it can really wear you down.

Feast on this little snippet of what I see through my camera and tell me its not hard work!

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  1. Il mio incontro con Mark è avvenuto per caso….ma , come spesso succede nelle cose non programmate, è nata un’amicizia splendida.
    Marco, tu hai un “occhio” molto speciale…sei un artista, un poeta dell’immagine….Grazie per tutto !!!!


    My meeting with Mark just happen by chance … But , as often happens in things unplanned , beautiful friendship was born .
    Marco , you have an “eye” very special … you’re an artist, a poet of … .Thanks throughout !!!!

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